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As a leading local allied health business dedicated to empowering and strengthening the health of our community, Gen Health’s mission is simple but impactful: together, we strive to enhance the well-being of individuals in our locality.

Community Health

Community Health

With a strong commitment to supporting local health initiatives, we actively engage in initiatives that promote the overall welfare of our community members. At Gen Health, we believe that by working collaboratively and fostering a sense of community, we can create a healthier and happier future for all.

If you would like to collaborate on community health initiatives please reach out to

Upcoming community events:

There are no current upcoming community events.
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Are you a local organisation or community group seeking sponsorship for an event or cause? 

We love to support our local community, particularly if they align with our mission and values.  

Sponsorship may be in monetary form, however we largely encourage the donation of our time, knowledge and skills. 

This supports our community by working towards our mission of “together strengthening the health of our local community” 

 This may include, but not be limited to: 

Educational talks

Educational pamphlets

Services at events

An Organisation (Gen Health Hamilton) information stall or attendance at community group meetings or forums. 

A Gen Health Hamper for raffle – relevant to your event (e.g. sock hamper, or shoes)

To apply

Please fill in the following form to apply for sponsorship with Gen Health.

Applicants will be notified of the outcome of their application via email or phone within 3-4 weeks of their application being submitted.

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