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Soft Tissue Injuries: What do I do?

Soft tissue injuries:

Soft tissue injury is a disruption to any issue that is not made out of bone. These structures includes muscles, tendons and ligaments. These injuries may occur on the sporting field, in your garden or just while doing day to day activities.

So, what do we need to do when they occur?

An easy guide to follow is PEACE and LOVE.

Peace – “Immediately after a soft tissue injury, do no harm and let PEACE guide your approach”

  • P = Protect
    • unload or restrict movement for 1 – 3 days
    • minimise rest: prolonged rest compromises tissue strength and quality
    • let pain guide removal of protection and gradual reloading
  • E = Elevate
    • elevate the injured limb higher than the heart
  • A = Avoid anti-inflammatories + Ice
    • anti-inflammatory medications may negatively affect long-term tissue healing
    • use of ice is for pain relief immediately after injury
  • C = Compress
    • Using compression such as taping, Tubi Grip or bandages
  • E = Education
    • See Physiotherapist for more information on your injury

Love – “After the first days have passed, soft tissues need LOVE”

  • L = Load
    • Normal activities should continue as soon as symptoms allow for it
  • O = Optimism
    • The brain plays a significant part in rehabilitation interventions- It’s important not worry, It’ll be ok!
  • V = Vascularisation
    • Keep moving your body- activities such as bike riding, swimming and walking have been shown to improve blood flow to the area to improve healing time.
  • E = Exercise
    • Talk to your physiotherapist about returning to safe exercise as soon as possible. Use pain as a guide to progress exercises gradually to increased levels of difficulty.

If you think you may have experienced a soft tissue injury it is best to make an appointment with one of our Physiotherapists or Podiatrists (if foot related) for a diagnosis and guidance through your rehabilitation to optimise recovery.

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