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Persistent Pain Physiotherapy

This appointment is best suited for patients who are experiencing on-going persistent pain presentations. Our service works to provide an understanding of your pain condition, its management and treatment options based on contemporary pain science.

Persistent Pain Physiotherapy

Patient-centred, holistic and sustainable

We truly understand the complex interaction of biological, psychological, and social factors contributing to the experience of pain and overall health and wellbeing. Together we will create a patient-centred, holistic and sustainable management plan for recovery.

This appointment will be different to previous physiotherapy you have experienced, as we seek to understand and work collaboratively with you and your other healthcare providers to address all of the factors contributing to your pain – not just the body tissues.

Pain Physiotherapist, Jessica, works in a holistic, trauma-informed manner and allows 60 minutes for initial pain consultations. This ensures enough space is available to fully understand your personal journey with pain.

We want to ensure that evidence based pain care is accessible to anyone – if you can’t travel into the clinic – we are available via Telehealth anywhere in Australia.

Clinical Reformer Therapy

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