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Clinical Reformer Therapy

(Clinical Pilates)

Clinical Reformer Therapy (Clinical Pilates) is an increasingly popular form of rehabilitation and preventative treatment with a focus on stability, strength, control and balance.

At Gen Health, CRT is used in conjunction with Physiotherapy and Movement, Performance & Wellness (MPW) to treat a multitude of patient complaints, especially low back pain. We use various forms of equipment, such as reformers, trapeze tables and mats, to retrain the stabilising joint muscles.

The difference between ‘Clinical Reformer Therapy’ and generic fitness-based ‘Pilates’ classes is that our Physiotherapists and Exercise Physiologists carefully select your exercises, depending on the nature of your injury. This ensures optimal gains, whilst minimising the likelihood of injury aggravation.

Combining Clinical Reformer Therapy with traditional Physiotherapy and Exercise Physiology enables patients to take control of their injury or condition using exercise as treatment.

At Gen Health, we are excited to introduce Hamilton to the world of Clinical Reformer Therapy. Initial assessments are undertaken with one of our friendly Physiotherapists, with the option of joining in group therapy sessions once a specialised program has been prescribed.

To join a Clinical Reformer Therapy class at Gen Health, you will first need to complete a one on one appointment with one of our Physiotherapists to assess your suitability.

Gen health - Clinical Pilates

Group sessions

We offer a variety of class times Monday – Friday, from early morning through to late evenings (Tuesday and Wednesdays).
Our friendly admin team will assist you in finding the right class time for your busy schedule.

There are two types of group sessions available:

Intermediate level

$32 per class

These classes are run by one of our physiotherapists with a maximum of 3 participants to ensure constant supervision and technique guidance. This level is ideal for a patient that is new to Clinical Reformer Therapy, is rehabilitating an injury, or is still experiencing symptom aggravation.

Advanced level

$25 per class

These classes are run by one of our physiotherapists with a maximum of 6 participants. Further strengthening and high-level exercises are incorporated to challenge those that are confident with the use of the equipment and are currently experiencing no symptoms.

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