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Movement Performance Wellness

'Restoring function to optimise capacity whilst fostering knowledge'.

Movement Coaching

Restoring function by retraining the body to move the way it is designed to.

Our movement coaching approach will target the following areas:
  • Lifestyle Questionnaire – We tend to disregard the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle as we rush around trying to get it ‘all’ done. It is important to recognise that sabotaging behaviours, lack of boundaries and realistic goals can lead to movement deficiency.
  • Consideration of Previous Injury – Previous injury can create joint dysfunction within the body. Such as the presence of scar tissue, or weaknesses because of poor rehabilitation consistency. Consideration of these injuries within your movement coaching sessions will ensure a safe exercise regime and longevity.
  • Movement Analysis – Understanding and assessing the current range of motion in a joint, will give us valuable information regarding general function and whether we are ready to add load.
  • Gait Analysis – Sometimes we take the ability to run for granted. But like anything, understanding technique can help us improve the economy and efficiency of how we move. It can also assist in identifying why we may have joint pain or weakness issues when we move.
  • Exercise Prescription – Once areas of joint dysfunction are identified, it is important that exercise prescription is gently applied, to return us to our full potential.

Performance Coaching

Optimising your capacity by maximizing your movement potential to fulfill your ambitions.

Our performance coaching approach will target the following areas:

  • Strength & Conditioning – Maximise your potential through customised training programs, and small group squads, tailored to your specific goals and abilities, optimising your overall physical preparation.
  • Periodised Programming – Work collaboratively with you, to design comprehensive training plans that strategically vary intensity, volume and exercises, to maximise performance, and minimise the risk of injury, ensuring consistent improvement towards your goals.
  • Injury Prevention – Bulletproof common injury sites, for the upcoming season, allowing for sustained progress and long-term success in achieving your sporting goals.
  • Fundamental Movement Patterns – Focus on the importance of moving well, before moving quickly or with increased load. We focus on a fundamentals approach early, to allow the body to achieve its full athletic potential when it is ready. In doing so, we prevent training plateaus and minimise the risk of injury.

Wellness Coaching

Fostering knowledge to build awareness and confidence to be able to lead your own journey

Our wellness coaching approach will target the following areas:

  • Goal Setting – Learn how to create goals that are meaningful and support long term improvements in our wellness.
  • Healthy Habits – Create healthy habits that support our goals and form the foundation of long improvement of wellness.
  • Metabolism – How do we implement wellness changes without impacting the performance of our metabolism?
  • Movement – Move our bodies in a way that supports healthy joints, strong bones, physical strength, good circulation, coordination reflex reactivity and mental well-being.
  • Mindfulness – Change the way we think to avoid destructive behaviours or emotions that derail our wellness.
  • Rest and Reset – Healthy sleep is important for cognitive functioning, mood, mental health and cardiovascular, cerebrovascular, and metabolic health. Learn the various strategies to improve our sleep function and support our wellbeing.
Knowledge is power. At Gen Health, you talk and we listen. Don’t settle for HOW you feel about yourself, take a deeper dive with us, into WHY you feel that way, and WHAT steps you can take thereafter, to support your wellbeing.
Why isn’t exercise mentioned?
So many people have a bad experience with the term exercise. It sounds hard, like it will hurt and is only for athletes… so we use the term movement instead of exercise.
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