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Strength training in proactive injury prevention or management

Runners focus on running. Cyclists love to be on the bike. Swimmers love to be in the pool. But what about the gym? Could spending a bit more time there help to prevent or manage injuries? Injuries are a pain – in more ways than one! When you’re in good condition, you’re able to live […]

The importance of foot health

GenHealth Podiatry

Your body has many interrelated systems. When one part is struggling, it can have a knock-on effect on other aspects of your health, sometimes in surprising ways.   Did you know, for example, there’s a weird correlation between gum disease and heart disease? Or that mild to moderate hearing loss significantly increases your risk of dementia? […]

What to look for in a new graduate job

Graduate Job

Congratulations on graduating! You’ve survived the juggle of study, clinical placements, casual jobs and exams. Well done.  Now, you’re starting a new stage of life. You’re not a student anymore – you’re a qualified professional. Which means you’re looking for your first job. So, what exactly should you be looking for?  What makes a good […]

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