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Strength training in proactive injury prevention or management

Runners focus on running. Cyclists love to be on the bike. Swimmers love to be in the pool. But what about the gym? Could spending a bit more time there help to prevent or manage injuries? Injuries are a pain – in more ways than one! When you’re in good condition, you’re able to live […]

The importance of foot health

GenHealth Podiatry

Your body has many interrelated systems. When one part is struggling, it can have a knock-on effect on other aspects of your health, sometimes in surprising ways.   Did you know, for example, there’s a weird correlation between gum disease and heart disease? Or that mild to moderate hearing loss significantly increases your risk of dementia? […]

What to look for in a new graduate job

Graduate Job

Congratulations on graduating! You’ve survived the juggle of study, clinical placements, casual jobs and exams. Well done.  Now, you’re starting a new stage of life. You’re not a student anymore – you’re a qualified professional. Which means you’re looking for your first job. So, what exactly should you be looking for?  What makes a good […]

Your allied health career – what are the benefits of working with an endorsed podiatrist?

GenHealth Podiatry Header Image - Podiatrist examining client, side view.

Podiatrists play a key role in preventive healthcare, managing foot disorders and reducing hospital admissions, espcially for the increasing number of patients with chronic conditions like diabetes. Traditionally, podiatrists have worked closely with GPs. However, the Australian Medical Association (AMA) reports that Australia faces a ‘staggering undersupply’ of GPs in the next two decades. We […]

Gen Health’s collaborative approach in chronic pain management

About 3.6 million Australians live with chronic or persistent pain. It can be a lonely experience that affects many different aspects of life. At Gen Health, we have a special interest in supporting patients with persistent pain through collaborative, trauma-informed services. What is persistent pain? Pain is normally a short-term reaction to an injury or […]

What is the biopsychosocial model?

‘Biopsychosocial’ is a loooong word but it expresses a beautifully simple concept – that the many different aspects of your life all influence your health and well-being. You’ve experienced that truth every day of your life and so have your family and friends. We’ll explain the concept in detail below but let’s start with a […]

Soft Tissue Injuries: What do I do?

Soft tissue injuries: Soft tissue injury is a disruption to any issue that is not made out of bone. These structures includes muscles, tendons and ligaments. These injuries may occur on the sporting field, in your garden or just while doing day to day activities. So, what do we need to do when they occur? […]

Breathing and Relaxation

Breathing and Relaxation Breathing: The Silent Hero After having a year off some responsibilities and extra activities, getting back into the swing of being busy again has been a big adjustment for many. More things to fit back into our already busy schedule often means that sleep and relaxation are forced to take a back […]

5 tips to help prevent injury this netball season

5 tips to help prevent injury this netball season Having had a year (almost two) off due to COVID-19 everyone is very eager to return to the normal routine of Saturday netball. However with so much time off it is important to remember that injuries can occur and there are some very simple tips that […]

Sever’s Disease

Sever’s Disease: Don’t be alarmed, it’s not an actual disease. Has your child got pain in their heels? Has your child recently started complaining about sore heels? Are they in pain while playing or after sport? Have you noticed them limping as a result? We might have the answer you are looking for. They may […]

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