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Understanding Mental Health Occupational Therapy

Mental health occupational therapy (OT) is a specialised area that helps people with mental health challenges lead meaningful lives. It focuses on how activities can improve mental well-being. Occupational therapy (OT) is a health profession that helps people of all ages do what they need and want to do through daily activities. OTs enable people […]

Does the “off-season” really mean time off?

With the “off-season” for football and netball rapidly approaching, for many this can mean their first break from exercise since the beginning of the year. Although the off-season is a good time to have a break and relax it is also important to remember that your body needs to continue to exercise, especially if you’re […]

Clinical Reformer Therapy (Clinical Pilates) Vs Reformer Pilates

PILATES IS A WONDERFUL FITNESS CRAZE, IT ENTERED FITNESS MAINSTREAM ABOUT 10 YEARS AGO AND HAS BEEN GROWING IN POPULARITY EVER SINCE. EVERYONE RAVES ABOUT IT! Note: At Gen Health we used to call it Clinical Pilates, but due to a Private Health Insurance Reform in 2019, we updated to titling our sessions as Clinical […]

Are you a poor sleeper? Stop doom-scrolling and read this…

Sleep is an essential function – it allows the body and mind to recharge, and also helps combat diseases. Without enough sleep, the brain cannot function properly – impairing our ability to concentrate, think clearly and process memories.  But what causes us to have interrupted sleep? Sleep Cycle When we fall asleep, our bodies follow […]

A step ahead on Foot Drop

What is foot drop?  Foot drop is caused by disruption to a nerve that runs past your knee and into your shin called the common peroneal nerve which controls lifting the foot and toes up from the ground, which causes the foot to drop leading to issues with walking. What does it look like? People […]

Have you been suffering from painful ingrown toenails?

Redness? Recurring infections? Did you know there is a simple and straightforward procedure, performed by a podiatrist that can solve this problem for good? What is a Partial Nail Avulsion? A PNA is a simple procedure performed under local anaesthetic to remove the side portion of your toenail, to reduce it irritating the skin. In […]

Motivation? It is long gone…or is it?

If you are like me and you get the winter blues, then you most certainly will be feeling it by this time in the year!  Motivation is the desire to complete an action for a specific goal. Whether it may be to physically run a 10K, read a book or to spend more time with […]

Non-Operative ACL Management

A lot of us associate Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) injuries with AFL and a long rehabilitation process that prevents some of our favourite AFL stars from returning to the field for the remainder of the season. Hearing the words “it looks like it will be an ACL” is almost certainly going to involve surgery and […]

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