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Have you been suffering from painful ingrown toenails?

Redness? Recurring infections? Did you know there is a simple and straightforward procedure, performed by a podiatrist that can solve this problem for good? What is a Partial Nail Avulsion? A PNA is a simple procedure performed under local anaesthetic to remove the side portion of your toenail, to reduce it irritating the skin. In […]

Motivation? It is long gone…or is it?

If you are like me and you get the winter blues, then you most certainly will be feeling it by this time in the year!  Motivation is the desire to complete an action for a specific goal. Whether it may be to physically run a 10K, read a book or to spend more time with […]

Non-Operative ACL Management

A lot of us associate Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) injuries with AFL and a long rehabilitation process that prevents some of our favourite AFL stars from returning to the field for the remainder of the season. Hearing the words “it looks like it will be an ACL” is almost certainly going to involve surgery and […]

Unravelling Concussion Management: Key Insights and Red Flags

Concussions, often underestimated, demand meticulous attention and proper management to ensure optimal recovery and prevent potential complications. In this blog post, we’ll dive into the essential aspects of concussion management, including key takeaways, recognising symptoms, debunking myths, identifying red flags, and highlighting the pivotal role of physiotherapists. Key Takeaways: Any concussion is significant: Even a […]

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