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Finding the Right Shoes for YOUR Feet

By Steph Lamont, Podiatrist and Director at Gen Health and Active Feet Hamilton

If you’re planning on taking on “The Serra Terror” in the Grampians during the June long weekend, then you’re going to need the right pair of shoes to tackle the challenging terrain. The Serra Terror is an 80 km hike that takes you through some of the most stunning and rugged landscapes in the Grampians. With steep climbs, rocky terrain, and unpredictable weather conditions, it’s important to have the right footwear to ensure that you’re comfortable and safe on your hike.

What matters most in a shoe?

Fit – sizing – suitability for purpose

Where do you start?

Getting fitted correctly!

Ordering your shoes online can often lead to fit and sizing issues. Each footwear brand has their own sizing methods, and we even find that some people’s shoe size may vary between styles in the same brand. 

Getting the correct size relates to the length and width of both of your feet, and we fit the size to your longest/ widest foot. 

Fit relates to how your foot fits inside a shoe. You may have a high instep, which means your foot may not sit inside the shoe correctly, even if it is the correct size. Fit can also relate to other individual factors in our feet such as a narrow heel which can be tricky to fit in certain shoe styles 

Suitability relates to the most suitable shoe choice for your activity. Do you wear a trail shoe or a hiking boot? 

Serra Terror

For Serra Terror – you can either wear a hiking boot or a trail shoe. What’s the difference?

Hiking boots are a type of footwear that are specifically designed to protect the feet and ankles. They help to reduce the likelihood of injury and protect the wearer from the often harsh terrain. Hiking boots are ideal for really wet conditions, snow, very rocky ground, and from snakes.   

Trail Shoes have similar protective characteristics to the boot, but in a sneaker style. 

  • They provide better traction with the enhanced sole grip. 
  • They are designed to be durable to withstand the rough conditions.
  • They are designed to be comfortable and well fitting to help prevent blisters and other foot pain which can arise from incorrect footwear. 
  • Shoes provide greater protection than regular runners by protecting feet from rocks and other obstacles.
  • Trail shoes are more rigid and stiff to provide additional ankle and arch support.

Active Feet Hamilton has podiatry approved footwear available for the whole family with a wide range of brands including Brooks, New Balance, Hoka, Mizuno, Ecco, Saucony and more! Stop in and see the team from Monday – Saturday for a complimentary footwear fitting and gait analysis. No appointment needed!

For more information regarding shoe rotation, and the use of multiple shoes during the event – see our other blog on Sock and Shoe Rotation. 

Image 1: Georgina Morrison Photography (@_georginamorrison on Instagram)


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