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Preventing Blisters

By Steph Lamont, Podiatrist and Director at Gen Health and Active Feet Hamilton

Have you considered joining the ‘Serra Terror’ team event through the beautiful Grampians scenery? 

Adequate preparation for your feet is crucial for success. Blistering is a sure way to dampen this exhilarating sport! Preventing a blister is simple if you follow these essential rules:

Remember the golden rule ‘moisture + movement = blister’ If you control these 2 factors, blistering is impossible!

Find a sock that works for you, and pack spares. Thicker socks (or wearing 2 pairs) doesn’t mean more cushioning – it usually just causes a tight fit and more pressure.

Keep them dry and change them often! Cotton and wool blends are the most breathable choices. We recommend Lightfeet socks, which fit well into a trail shoe or runner, or Humphrey Law wool blend sport or hiking socks. We stock styles for hiking boots, runners or trail shoes. 

Change your socks often during the event!

We recommend that you will need 3 pairs of socks for each day. Aim to change your socks at each checkpoint. This will help ensure your feet stay dry and fresh, and reduce the occurrence of blisters. 

Wear-in your chosen walking shoes with shorter walks, especially when brand new. If you identify any ‘hot spots’, these spots will need preventive treatment before a long walk with second-skin taping (Hypafix/Mefix). Our gen health blister packs come with step by step instructions for taping your feet safely, to prevent blistering. 

Lock lacing keeps shoes fitting securely and avoids the movement component of blistering.

Treat existing callused skin and thickened or long nails a few weeks before the event. Avoid aggressive at-home treatments or techniques – inflamed spots will certainly cause problems! If in doubt, seek podiatry advice.

Plan to blister and pack accordingly. Prevention is the key! If a ‘hotspot’ appears, tackle this straight away. Essential supplies are a thin breathable dressing such as Hypafix.

Prevention is always better than cure! If you have troublesome feet or can’t quite find the right shoe for you, speak to our podiatry team, who are experienced in this area.

Image 1: Georgina Morrison Photography (@_georginamorrison on Instagram)


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