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5 tips to help prevent injury this netball season

5 tips to help prevent injury this netball season

Having had a year (almost two) off due to COVID-19 everyone is very eager to return to the normal routine of Saturday netball. However with so much time off it is important to remember that injuries can occur and there are some very simple tips that can help to decrease the likelihood of injury when you step back onto the court this year.

Strength Training

It is important that your muscles are strong prior to beginning netball and this can be done at pre-season training. For this reason make it a priority to attend these training sessions in order to help prepare your body for the season ahead.

Warm Up

A good warm-up helps to prevent injury by ensuring that your muscles are switched on and ready to undertake the load of your training session or game. “The KNEE Program” from Netball Australia, is designed to specifically help prevent injuries throughout the netball season and is a great guide to follow if you need some ideas.

Correct landing technique.

Many netball injuries occur when a player lands or pivots awkwardly rather than as a result of direct contact from another player and because of this it is important to have correct landing technique in order to prevent injury. Good landing technique should include soft knees and hips but as with everything practice makes perfect so if you feel you need to work on your landing technique be sure to go over it at training.

Supportive Footwear

Supportive footwear is integral to ensuring you remain injury free throughout the season. It is important to have a sturdy sneaker such as an asics. If in any doubt chat to one of our podiatrists who will be able to let you know what sneaker will be best for you.

Cool Down

A cool down is extremely important to help return your body to its resting state gradually. It also helps to decrease muscle soreness the next day! It can be as simple as going for a short jog or walk after training or your game.

Just like any sport, injuries do occur when playing netball and it’s important to get on top of them early to prevent them getting worse. If you have any injury concerns make sure you book an appointment prior to the netball season beginning to make sure that you can play a full year of netball.

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